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Norman, please be advised that when making a statement such as this intended to refute someone else's comment (which itself was based on sourced, linked data) you must be prepared to then back up your statement with a verifiable link to a reliable source.

Correct. In other words, you have acknowledged that the oceans are not warmed due to downwelling longwave. In fact, you have said LW has “nothing to do” with ocean warming. So, far from just “another matter”, the acknowledgement that long wave does not heat the ocean is rather significant since 93% of the net heat changes in the climate system occur in the subsurface ocean , and just 1% of the net heat energy changes occur in the air.

Problems With This View

The biggest problem with the identification of Mt. Sinai at Jebel el-Lawz is that it does not meet the Biblical criteria for the site. These claims are based on three false assumptions and a misunderstanding of the archaeological remains that they observed. It is beyond the scope of this article to deal with the Red Sea crossing and the chronology of the Exodus from Egypt to Mt. Sinai. I will tackle these issues in a future issue of "Bible and Spade."

Crude - Refute A Myth SocietyCrude - Refute A Myth Society